Thursday, December 24, 2009

GGG - God's Greatest Gift

The greatest gift that God has given to all of us is His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
As I ponder on this Magnificent Gift this Christmas eve, I cannot help but marvel at the Amazing Grace of God that He would send His Son to live and die and live again for us.
Dear reader, I hope you too will not be amazed only but invite Jesus to be the King of your life so that this Gift will not remain unopened. Receiving this Gift is truly the best thing you can ever do in your entire life. Know that Christmas without Christ is meaningless and senseless.
Blessed Christmas to you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Faith of a Christian

Our faith as Christians is a committed trust in our God who was and is and is to come.
We ask these questions whenever we are bombarded with doubt:

1) Did God not deliver us in the past?

2) Is God not able and willing to deliver us now?

3) Will God not deliver us tomorrow?

If we answer 'yes' to all three questions, then we know that our God is a faithful and loving God who has helped us, is helping us and will help us.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Faithful and Wholehearted

2 Chron 19:9
You must serve faithfully and wholeheartedly in the fear of the Lord.
In the last days, the Lord looks for men and women who would serve Him faithfully and wholeheartedly.
Faithful means a constant, consistent and conscientious following of the Lord and His commands
Wholehearted means a total, undivided heart at peace with God and in God.
May this generation rise up to have faithful and wholehearted disciples serving our God.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

God is REAL

God is REAL - He heals, He restores, He saves.
Hear the testimony of Rayson and Chew Chor Meng

Sunday, October 18, 2009

No coincidence

For a believer, I have come to see that all things that happen and people I meet in the course of my day are no coincidence but are in the perfect design of God.
Do I acknowledge His design and work with Him and in Him or do I brush them aside, get upset and miss the opportunities to do His will?
May we realise that God is in control of our lives daily as we walk and work with Him and in Him.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Two dimensions of the Soul

We know that the human soul have these dimensions: the will, the mind (intellect) and the emotions. But there are 2 more dimensions that affect the soul - imagination and memory.
Imagination affects us positively if we centre it on Christ and His given dreams and plans for us but negatively if we centre it on the lies of the evil one. Imagination can build up our faith as we focus on the Lord who has promised the dreams but it can cripple us if we start to worry or be anxious on what is to come.
Imagination deals with the future while memory deals with the past. Good memories help build our faith in the Lord as we reflect and are reminded of His faithfulness and goodness to us in the past.
Bad memories hinder us if we get stuck by guilt and cannot move forward.
So let us bring our memories to the Lord for His forgiveness and cleansing and our imaginations to Him for sanctification and clarification so that we move forward in faith and obedience.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love and Follow God

I prayed that my children would love and follow God all the days of their lives.
I thought about what it means to love and follow God and realise that:
1. a person can love God and yet not follow Him (like the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-24 - he loved his father but yet chose to go away with his inheritance. He did turn back finally but after much suffering)
2. a person can follow God and yet not love Him (like the elder brother in Luke 15:25-32) - he followed his father but with resentment about his father's treatment of his younger brother. It showed a lack of love)
May we learn to love and follow God our Father through Jesus His Son with the Holy Spirit's help all the days of our lives.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hearing God

We can all hear God's voice if we believe and trust Him with our lives.
When we recognize the voice of the Lord, we have security.
When we respond to the voice of the Lord, we have salvation.

The voice of the Lord is:
1) a voice of comfort - we can count on Him (Matt 14:27). He cares for us.
2) a voice of communion - we can come to Him (Matt 14:29). He desire us to commune with Him.
3) a voice of compassion - we can cling on to Him (Matt 14:31). He is with us in the storms of life.

Let us respond to His voice in faith by:
1) honestly calling out (Matt 14:28)
2) humanly stepping out (Matt 14:29)
3) humbly crying out (Matt 14:30)

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Three Nails

Jesus was nailed to the Cross with 3 nails - two on His hands and one through both feet.
The nails represent the three main areas of sin in our lives - the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.
When He died on the Cross, those areas of sin no longer has power over us. His death has given us victory over the flesh (lust of flesh), the world(lust of eyes) and the devil(pride of life).
We can overcome their tempting presence by claiming and proclaiming Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Jesus is the Way of God (not the way of the flesh)
Jesus is the Truth of God (not the 'truth' of the world and all that entice our eyes)
Jesus is the Life of God (true Christ-centred life and not the worldly self-centred life)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hope for the Now

In this current time it is easy to give up hope and forget all the blessings that have been received in times past.
But remember, God is IN CONTROL - He ALWAYS has and ALWAYS will.
Times such as this reveals where our hope and anchor is - is it in the blessings of God or in Him?
I, for one, will continue to trust and believe He is faithful even if I lose all I have for I have seen Him move both through the lean times and the fat times. What about you?
True faith in God is tested - know that if God did not keep His Son Jesus Christ from us but let Him suffer for our sakes, will He not give us all things that are necessary for our continuous walk with Him?
Let us hold on even with our little faith till the dawn breaks and the sun (Son) rises in our hearts.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Acts 1

The Days before Pentecost:

40 days with Jesus (v1-11)
Application to life:
1. Wait for the Spirit to come and lead
2. Receive His instructions
3. Go and Do what He shows

10 days after His ascension (v12-26)
Application to life:
1. Check that our hearts are not hardened like Judas so that we be deceived like him.
2. Pray together
3. Seek God for our 12

Sunday, May 17, 2009

God is at Work

Let us ask God for wisdom daily at our work.
Let us not be knowledge long and wisdom short.
Let us go when God says so and not be like Moses who said 'but..'
Let us release to God what is in our hands (like the staff of Moses) - our identity (what God make us to be and do) so that He will transform it for His higher purpose and plan.
God is calling us - let us remember that the our place of work is the holy ground of worship.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Praying for the next generation

Let's take Luke 2:52 and pray for our children daily:

Lord, bless our children to grow daily in wisdom and physical stature, in favour with God and man.
In Jesus' Name.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Keys to the Kingdom IV

Praying for the sick: (Mark 5:21-34)
1. God desires to heal
2. Your faith is in God who desires to heal
3. The other person's
a) desire to be healed (need to be great)
b) 'mustard seed' faith (need only to be small)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Keys to the Kingdom III

Matt 18:1-4
Jesus said the Kingdom of God belong to children or people with child-like faith and a heart attitude of humility.
Humility is a vital attribute to have for Kingdom people. Before God can entrust us with much, He will need to mould us to be people who will humbly trust Him implicitly and explicitly.
Child-like faith means not having to know all or know ahead but trusting fully in the Father.
It means just loving the Saviour and not just 'using' Him to meet our needs only.
A Christian without Christ is left with 'ian' -- i am nothing. So all we are, have or can do; comes from Christ who enables us to live this transformed life. Pride therefore has no place.
Let us then walk and lead with humility as we follow His leading.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keys to the Kingdom II

Apply the Key to the Kingdom, that of binding and loosing (Matt 16:19 and 18:18)
Let us

1. Bind the spirit of wickedness and release the spirit of righteousness over our areas of influence
2. Bind demonic forces and release angelic forces in our workplace and neighbourhood
3. Bind disease and release healing over our own lives and our loved ones
4. Bind deception and release understanding of the Truth in our pre-believing family members and friends
5. Bind the spirit of oppression and release the oppressed into the freedom of Christ
6. Bind the spirit of rebellion and unbelief. Release the spirit of faithfulness and faith in our children and ourselves
7. Bind the works of the devil and release the fruit of the Spirit such as joy, peace and love.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keys to the Kingdom I

The Lord Jesus have us given keys to the Kingdom even as He announced this to the apostle Peter in Matt 16:19.
The first key is the authority we are given to bind and loose on earth. What we bind or loose on earth will be bound or loose in heaven.
This spiritual law will not be violated by our Lord so we need to be careful how we bind or loose. If we bind the work of the Holy Spirit by quenching it and loose our tongues to speak negatively in the natural realm then it will also be in the spiritual realm where the manifestations of the evil one is at work.
Let us bind the works of the evil one and loose the saving work of the Holy Spirit. Bind the spirits of destruction, despair and decadence and loose the spirit of restoration, revival and renewal in our lives and our areas of influence.
This is the time to rise up and stand in the gap for this generation to speak forth God's Word of blessing and life.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Blessings of the Cross

In Luke 9:23, Jesus said to take up our cross daily meaning to claim the blessings that come from the finished work of Christ on the Cross.
1. We have the blessing of liberty (freedom) - our curses are removed (cancelled, released) : Gal 3:13, 1 Pet 2:24, John 8:36
2. We have the blessing of love - our conflicts are resolved (reconciliation) : Col 1:20, Eph 2:14-16, 1 John 3:16, Rom 5:8, John 15:13, 2 Cor 5:14-15, Luke 7:47
3. We have the blessing of life - creation is restored (our old nature replaced with the new nature) : John 6:54, Gal 2:20, 1 Cor 15:45-49