Wednesday, December 24, 2014

God is good - cliche or truth?

We often say "God is good all the time and all the time God is good". Do we really believe it? Do we really trust Him that all things work together for good?

As for me, let me recount the ways God has been good even through trying times this year.
1. The year began with challenges at work - new assignments and projects. Much leaning on God's grace to tackle them.
2. In April, the multiplication of one to two cells started. The 'breaking' of long-time relationships to form new ones is often trying and tests our faith in Him who knows all. As I trust Him, I see the fruit of obedience in the past outreach events especially this Christmas. Two cells are able to reach out and see more souls saved. The 'pruning' process has borne fruit!
3. This year also is a year of different milestones - turning 55, 30 years of marriage, 27 years in post-secondary education, becoming grandparents. I humbled that the Lord has led me to this point in time to look back and see His Hand in all things.
4. The birth of my grandson is a joy and a delight. Little did I know that 2 months after his birth, my wife and I had to experience a testing of our faith as he was hospitalised for meningitis. The 12 days in hospital was a time to hold steadfastly to Jehovah Rapha to heal and restore. We experienced the love and unity of the cell community as they prayed with us for him.
5. This unity was translated in many ways recently during the Christmas outreach events. Seeing God's favour in many groups and working together as one body, our Lord is pleased.

The old year is closing and the new is coming. Are there more challenges? Yes. Are there perhaps suffering and tests? Yes. Is God good despite the tests? YES!
"For me to live is Christ, to die is gain" - this is no cliche but the transforming grace that enables us to believe, to trust, to obey and to live or die fully assured that God is fully in control and all He does is GOOD! Hallelujah!
Blessed Christmas and Joyous New Year to all!