Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hearing God

We can all hear God's voice if we believe and trust Him with our lives.
When we recognize the voice of the Lord, we have security.
When we respond to the voice of the Lord, we have salvation.

The voice of the Lord is:
1) a voice of comfort - we can count on Him (Matt 14:27). He cares for us.
2) a voice of communion - we can come to Him (Matt 14:29). He desire us to commune with Him.
3) a voice of compassion - we can cling on to Him (Matt 14:31). He is with us in the storms of life.

Let us respond to His voice in faith by:
1) honestly calling out (Matt 14:28)
2) humanly stepping out (Matt 14:29)
3) humbly crying out (Matt 14:30)

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