Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hope for the Now

In this current time it is easy to give up hope and forget all the blessings that have been received in times past.
But remember, God is IN CONTROL - He ALWAYS has and ALWAYS will.
Times such as this reveals where our hope and anchor is - is it in the blessings of God or in Him?
I, for one, will continue to trust and believe He is faithful even if I lose all I have for I have seen Him move both through the lean times and the fat times. What about you?
True faith in God is tested - know that if God did not keep His Son Jesus Christ from us but let Him suffer for our sakes, will He not give us all things that are necessary for our continuous walk with Him?
Let us hold on even with our little faith till the dawn breaks and the sun (Son) rises in our hearts.

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