Monday, June 10, 2013

My Story 8

What's my passion? What do I believe God created me to be and do?

These are questions that all of us ask one time or another. Passion can be defined as an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction for something or someone.

When I was a child, I was curious about things and would often take apart things to see how they work (of course, my parents try to make sure these things were already unusable!). From this, I develop an interest in engineering and pursue a degree in telecommunication engineering.

After graduation, I worked with a multinational company but not in the area of telecom. In the Lord's design, I worked on programming the various test machines of the company - an area I had little training in. These were the early years that computers were not personal machines like now but basically workstations connected to a mainframe.

About halfway through my career at the company, my boss tasked me to train some technicians on the updated software that I had implemented. It seem I enjoyed that task very much as I seek to teach and train them to the best of my abilities.Hence it was without hesitation that I took up a lecturing position at a local polytechnic though it meant a drastic cut in pay.

Teaching post-secondary students in the knowledge and skills of electronic engineering meant learning to mould the vast amount of information to digestible bits for them. It meant simplifying and condensing so that students can understand and apply what was important. I found that I enjoyed this process more and more and strive to improve in content delivery every semester.

Looking back after 26 years of polytechnic education, I enjoy teaching because as I teach, I learn twice as much and more. I enjoy teaching not only youth but also young children and older adults which I had an opportunity to provide training to. Over the years, my students have varied from as young as aged 2 to as old as 70 years old.

It is a wonderful experience to do what you know you have been created for. This experience is possible for all of us who are willing to let our Creator God take control and lead us. He knows us and His plans for us are good. Let us trust and obey Him as He leads each day. Walking in His path and plans for us will bring much fulfillment and joy. Doing His will each day brings pleasure both to Him and us.