Sunday, March 22, 2009

Keys to the Kingdom IV

Praying for the sick: (Mark 5:21-34)
1. God desires to heal
2. Your faith is in God who desires to heal
3. The other person's
a) desire to be healed (need to be great)
b) 'mustard seed' faith (need only to be small)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Keys to the Kingdom III

Matt 18:1-4
Jesus said the Kingdom of God belong to children or people with child-like faith and a heart attitude of humility.
Humility is a vital attribute to have for Kingdom people. Before God can entrust us with much, He will need to mould us to be people who will humbly trust Him implicitly and explicitly.
Child-like faith means not having to know all or know ahead but trusting fully in the Father.
It means just loving the Saviour and not just 'using' Him to meet our needs only.
A Christian without Christ is left with 'ian' -- i am nothing. So all we are, have or can do; comes from Christ who enables us to live this transformed life. Pride therefore has no place.
Let us then walk and lead with humility as we follow His leading.