Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keys to the Kingdom I

The Lord Jesus have us given keys to the Kingdom even as He announced this to the apostle Peter in Matt 16:19.
The first key is the authority we are given to bind and loose on earth. What we bind or loose on earth will be bound or loose in heaven.
This spiritual law will not be violated by our Lord so we need to be careful how we bind or loose. If we bind the work of the Holy Spirit by quenching it and loose our tongues to speak negatively in the natural realm then it will also be in the spiritual realm where the manifestations of the evil one is at work.
Let us bind the works of the evil one and loose the saving work of the Holy Spirit. Bind the spirits of destruction, despair and decadence and loose the spirit of restoration, revival and renewal in our lives and our areas of influence.
This is the time to rise up and stand in the gap for this generation to speak forth God's Word of blessing and life.

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