Friday, December 28, 2007

Offenses will come (Luke 17:1)

The bait of satan is to use offenses to hinder us from entering into a life of willing forgiveness and joyful holiness.
The Gospel we preach will offend but we seek if at all possible not to offend (even by sometimes giving up our rights).
When we are offended, we need to ask the Lord for healing and seek by His power to forgive, knowing how much we have been forgiven ourselves. The test of true forgiveness comes when we can really pray blessing for the person who has wronged us like David did in Ps 35:12-14.
Our Father has called us to be holy ("kadosh") meaning to be a cut above the rest (higher level of living), let us then rise up to His level of compassionate and forgiving love for all who offend us.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

True Sons

The Bible has 2 Greek words translated as "sons".
1) "teknon" meaning son by birth (John 1:12)
2) "huios" meaning son who display the character of the father (Matt 5:45)

We should move from just being "teknons" (immature sons) to "huios" (mature sons who are led by the Spirit to grow into the character of our Heavenly Father)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Critical/Complaining Spirit

Recently I have found myself harbouring a critical/complaining spirit that subtly invaded my soul. Though circumstances seem right for me to complain or provide 'constructive' criticism, they actually made me cynical and harsh in my attitude.
The Holy Spirit gently reminded me to be thankful and grateful in all circumstances so that my spirit man will stay refreshed, joyful and victorious. Thanks be to God for His grace!