Monday, October 4, 2010

WANTED: New Wineskins

All of us who have received the Lord Jesus as Saviour have the New Wine of the Holy Spirit. This new wine enables us to live victoriously as conquerors through our faith. Sin is no longer our master but Jesus is our New Master. But yet some of us are defeated in our daily walk because we still try to keep the new wine in old wineskins. These old skins are akin to old habits and traditions that do not help us and often hinder us in our growth. Old skins especially surface when believers come from Christian homes being products of earlier generations of believers. The "DO NOT"s and "CAN NOT"s of traditional or conservative Christianity can stifle the Holy Spirit's work in us if we are not careful.
May the Lord help us to have our minds and hearts opened to see His new wineskins for us so that the New Wine of the Spirit can be poured into and out of. May we not brand everything that we do not understand as "heresy" or the "wrong gospel" without coming to the Lord and asking Him to reveal His ways to us.