Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Story 5

In my last post, I mentioned that the Lord was good to give us a son and then a daughter as we asked Him. I remembered holding each child and dedicating them to the Lord that they will grow up to love, serve and follow Him all their days; that they will do more than my generation in ministry. In some ways, I am seeing the fruit of our prayers in my son who is wholehearted in his service to God. My daughter has a compassionate heart and I am looking to see how God will use what He has planted in the coming days.
But more than raising children and being a physical father with its immense joy and sometimes its tribulations, there is no greater joy than to be used by God to bring someone to Him. Greater still that joy when that someone grows and becomes a disciple and then a disciple-maker bringing others to Him and discipling them. This is the joy of spiritual parenting that God has for everyone willing to rise up to His call of discipleship.
I had this privilege to be used by God, especially in my youth, to bring people to Christ - total strangers, classmate and others. More than this, to disciple groups of believers in discipleship and disciple making - this was and still is the best way of living the Christian life.
Though I have lost contact with some of these, because of distance as quite a number are in different countries, I look forward to see all of them in heaven one day. For those that are still in contact, I am glad to see that they are carrying on the legacy of discipling and helping others grow in their faith. One of them is a full-time pastor of a local church. Another left his church together with his pastor to pioneer a church specifically to reach out to disengaged youth. Others are leading cell groups and involved in missions.
But there are setbacks as well. There are those because of unequally-yoked marriages ending in them being unfruitful in their calling. Others have back-slidden because of their love for the world. These are part and parcel of parenting - both physical and spiritual.
If we grieve for our children (physical and spiritual) when they choose to walk in their own ways, how much more our Abba God who loves us SO DEARLY grieves when any of His children do so.
And yet we wait for them to return, just like the Prodigal's father; just like our Heavenly Father. That day will come!
Dear reader, if you have moved away from our Father in Heaven, return to Him for He loves you unconditionally. Return and serve Him for His yoke is easy and His burden is light.