Thursday, March 20, 2008

Practise the Presence of God

Practising the Presence of God so that you can sense His Presence daily.

1. Purposeful inclusion of God in all daily activities -
deliberate act of conversing and acknowledging God in all your activities each day e.g. "Lord as I read this book/watch this movie/play this game, keep my mind clean from any unholy influence."; "Lord thanks for helping me in this task/assignment/work that I had completed" etc.

2. Praying in the Spirit using tongues daily -
deliberate act of choosing to converse with God in tongues, growing and feeding the inner spirit man.

3. Prayerfully listening to God daily - deliberate act of stopping to be quiet and listening to God's reply to your prayers or to your praise.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Muses from the Word

Lust of the flesh = passion
Lust of the eyes = possession
Pride of life = position

F ace your struggles
A dmit your failures
I n the spiritual realm, pray and move
T rust the Holy Spirit
H old on to the Holy Spirit

The first 3 commandments of God:
1st commandment deals with disbelief
2nd commandment deals with distortion
3rd commandment deals with disrespect

The natural man is analogous to a dead TV (not plugged in, no power)
The born-again man is analogous to a live TV (plugged in with power but antenna not tuned)
The spiritual man is analogous to a live TV with the antenna tuned to God's frequency

God's History in the Bible:
Gen 1&2 - God creates and establishes His authority over all and a special relationship with man
Gen 3 - Man rebels against God's authority and rejects this special relationship
Gen 4 to Rev 22 - God moves through history to reestablish His authority and relationship with man

With God's help;
we can change our behaviour - (what we do) - our actions
we can change our character - (how we think) - our attitudes
we can accept our personality - (who we are)

Beware the Christian 'mask' - the veil that fakes our faith
1. Righteousness without godliness ( acts without attitudes)
2. Knowledge without application (describing without doing)
3. Relationship without fellowship ( position without practice)

To declare the gospel, we need
1. courage
2. clarity
3. confidence