Friday, June 22, 2012

My Story 1

Let me begin my life story... All of us have encountered crossroads in our lives which require us to make decisions that will affect us one way or another.
I was at such a crossroad more than 30 years ago. A few weeks before my 'A' levels, I was very stressed because of the upcoming exams. I knew I had to do well but I also knew that I was not very prepared. I was popular in school and had many CCAs that took my time. One of them that took much of my time was being the chief editor of my school magazine.
Everything on the outside seem OK - "cool, collected me" but inside I knew it was not true. I had no peace. I was distracted in many ways. I could not concentrate.
I had a group of classmates which I knew since Sec 1. One of them, out of the blue, lend me a cassette tape which he said would encourage and help me understand what life is about. I knew he was a Christian and years before, I had read the Bible and knew something about what it meant to be one. Over my adolescent years, I had forgotten most of what I read.
I took the cassette home and listened to it. It was a simple Gospel message by a preacher called TL Osborn who also practiced miracle healing at his rally. Somehow, God spoke to me (not audibly) but to my heart through the message - "Jesus Christ is the answer to all your needs. He, the Son of God, died on the Cross to pay the penalty required for our sins. He rose again and overcame the power of sin and death. When I surrender my life to Jesus and acknowledge Him as my Lord and Saviour, I will have eternal life that starts now."
Incredible claims but somehow it rang true because I have read through much of the world's religions and philosophies - all of them required me to do much in order to gain merit and eternal life. But here in the Christian faith, the simplicity of just praying and trusting the Divine Man who already died for me and now lives to give me life - that night on 26 October, I surrendered my life to Him.
What a change! Peace that surpasses understanding and description flooded my soul. Joy unspeakable despite life's challenges and stress. Love amazing that allowed me to open up myself to others.
Looking back over these decades, I am grateful that God led me to that place of surrender to Him. It was truly a start of a new and meaningful life which will continue for eternity.
How about you, dear reader? Have you entrusted your life to Jesus Christ? You will NEVER regret it.
(In the next blog, I will talk about another wonderful experience of walking with our Creator)