Monday, February 25, 2008

Christ-consciousness vs self-consciousness

Gen 1: 26-28
In the garden before the fall, man was NOT self-conscious but once Adam and Eve sinned, self-conscious came in (bringing fear, self-doubt, insecurity, embarrassment and shame)
We need NOT be self-conscious now as through the Cross, Jesus has defeated sin and set us free to be Christ-conscious.

Only 3 things necessary for us to be conscious of everyday:
1. Conscious of our relationship with God
2. Conscious of our relationship with others
3. Conscious of our purpose and function
(our purpose is to be fruitful and multiply – ie to win others and disciple them) –Purpose is common to all of us
(our function is different and temporal – each of us have different functions in the Kingdom of God – our jobs and ministries will differ so as the Body of Christ will be built up as each function is working in harmony)

How to be Christ-conscious and not self-conscious
1. Remember we are in Christ – our identity (who we are) is because of who Christ is. We need not feel inferior or act superior as we are what we are in Christ and in Christ alone.
2. Use the Word of God – know it, confess it and share it
3. Meet with God daily – in the garden, God met with Adam twice a day – in the cool of the day (morning and evening) – praise and pray

We are set free from the lie, deceit and bondage of self-consciousness to a life of liberty in Christ-consciousness. Let us press on and not listen to the enemy but claim and proclaim this truth daily.

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