Monday, March 10, 2008

Muses from the Word

Lust of the flesh = passion
Lust of the eyes = possession
Pride of life = position

F ace your struggles
A dmit your failures
I n the spiritual realm, pray and move
T rust the Holy Spirit
H old on to the Holy Spirit

The first 3 commandments of God:
1st commandment deals with disbelief
2nd commandment deals with distortion
3rd commandment deals with disrespect

The natural man is analogous to a dead TV (not plugged in, no power)
The born-again man is analogous to a live TV (plugged in with power but antenna not tuned)
The spiritual man is analogous to a live TV with the antenna tuned to God's frequency

God's History in the Bible:
Gen 1&2 - God creates and establishes His authority over all and a special relationship with man
Gen 3 - Man rebels against God's authority and rejects this special relationship
Gen 4 to Rev 22 - God moves through history to reestablish His authority and relationship with man

With God's help;
we can change our behaviour - (what we do) - our actions
we can change our character - (how we think) - our attitudes
we can accept our personality - (who we are)

Beware the Christian 'mask' - the veil that fakes our faith
1. Righteousness without godliness ( acts without attitudes)
2. Knowledge without application (describing without doing)
3. Relationship without fellowship ( position without practice)

To declare the gospel, we need
1. courage
2. clarity
3. confidence

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