Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Creator, Servant, Saviour King

Truly God is our Creator King!
He did not just create us and let us fend for ourselves. Nor did He rule us with an iron hand as a dictator. No, He created us AND desire to reign over us for our good (if we allow Him to do so).
We are NOT created as robots but as free-will agents with choice - to choose to love Him and submit to Him or to reject and rebel against Him.

Truly God is our Servant King!
He came to serve us and not to be served. Yet His servanthood does not diminish His dignity and authority as King of kings. His exemplary Servant model of leading us shows us what His kingdom is like - leading by serving.

Truly God is our Saviour King!
He gave up His life willingly for us on the Cross of Calvary. He is the righteous King who judges and punishes all who are evil. All of us are evil sinners - we all know our hearts. Yet our King, after pronouncing the sentence, took upon Himself, our punishment so that we do not have to do so. Do we willingly allow Him to reign in us with the thought of "Amazing Love, how can it be, that You my God would die for me!" or do we reject Him and treat with contempt His salvation freely given to us?

This Good Friday/Easter, let us be reminded to continually thank our Lord Jesus, our Creator, Servant and Saviour King!

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