Monday, March 3, 2014

Ungratefulness - the scourge of mankind

It is increasingly evident that the trend towards ungratefulness is increasing as many nations and societies become more affluent. Ungratefulness results in many boorish behaviour exhibited in society - whether road bullies, inconsiderate neighbours and habitual complainers.
Ungratefulness breeds a wrong mindset that assumes a right to be served first and always - requiring all to meet the needs and wants of the ungrateful.
To counter this, all of us need to learn to be grateful and thankful each day. 
Gratefulness to God who created us and all things for us to enjoy.
Gratefulness to God for those people He brings into our lives that encourages us and even rebukes us in love.
Gratefulness to God in His sovereign purpose and will that places us where we should live and work.
And the list goes on... being thankful never ends as long as we live.
Why not start today to thank God for one thing? Then continue each day to add one more and one more till you have 10,000 reasons or more why we should be grateful.
May we, made in the image of God, redeemed by the blood of Jesus and daily being filled by the Holy Spirit, exhibit an attitude and mindset of thankfulness always.
"To thank or not to thank, there is no question about it - always be thankful"

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