Friday, July 1, 2011

Six Hours

The Lord Jesus hung on the Cross for 6 hours (9 am to 3 pm).                                                              
Why six hours? He was redeeming all of creation which was created in 6 days.
The last hour was the toughest as he was paying the penalty for sin to redeem the pinnacle of God’s  creation  – mankind.
Because of what Jesus has done, we are now free to receive forgiveness, cleansing and restoration of relationship with God through our turning from sin(repentance) and turning to Him (reconciliation). We are now free to choose to live the new life given us through the Holy Spirit.
When we participate in the holy communion, we are declaring our allegiance to Christ by remembering and celebrating His death and resurrection.  His broken body is represented by the bread and His shed blood by the wine.His broken body provides for us healing, health and wholeness in all areas of our lives. His shed blood provides forgiveness, salvation, eternal life and protection.

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