Sunday, May 23, 2010


Admit we are sinners unable to save ourselves. Let us run to God's way of salvation given as a gift through Jesus Christ.
Believe we need Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to save us. Let us surrender our lives to Him who will give us a new and eternal life.
Confess that we have receive God's forgiveness and acceptance through putting our trust in His Son. Let us daily keep short accounts with God, asking Him for forgiveness when we sin and allowing the Holy Spirit to change us from inside out.
Decide that we follow Jesus everyday of our lives. Let us faithfully trust and obey Him in all things which will work out for our good and for His glory.
Enter into all that God has for us in this life and beyond. Let us walk in His ways that we may show those yet to believe what it means to have eternal and abundant life in Christ.
Faith - we do all things in faith and through faith in the Lord who helps us. . Let us exchange our fears with faith and believe that our God is greater than all our fears and anxieties.
Grace - we were saved by grace and now live in grace. Let us draw strength from the Lord's grace which is sufficient for each day of our lives and move out of our comfort zone to embrace all He has for us.
Heart - we need to guard our hearts that it remains soft and pliable like clay for God to mould us and shape us to be like His Son. Let us ask God for a heart that seeks Him and a heart that is like His.

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