Thursday, May 8, 2008

TOUCH your workplace

TOUCH =(Transforming Others Under Christ’s Hand)

10 Christian values every workplace need

  1. Love – kindness at work
  2. Encouragement – Impulsive and Intentional Encourager
  3. Forgiveness
    1. See others from God’s perspective Matt 9:36, Matt 5:44
    2. Leave the offence at the Cross Eph 4:32
    3. Operate out of will and reason Isa 1:18
    4. Rebuild and Restore Isa 58:12
  4. Balance
    1. Vertical God-ward relationship
    2. Horizontal people-ward relationship
  5. Accountability
    1. Recognize the lines of accountability (top-down, bottom-up and lateral)
    2. Recognize your need to become vulnerable
    3. Replace tolerance with loving accountability (speak the truth in love)
    4. Respond appropriately
  6. Excellence – excellent work leads to credible witness
    1. Prepare
    2. Persevere
    3. Practise at every opportunity
  7. Communication – relevant message meets needs and challenges growth

(message is what we communicate, style is how we communicate)

    1. Listening style
    2. Voice style (someone shouts, you speak softer)
    3. Words style (choice of words need to be ‘salty’)
  1. Promise Keeping (trustworthiness) - promise only that which:
    1. Is consistent with God, His word and will
    2. Is in the best interest of the recipient (meet the real need, not the request) eg. give food rather than cash to the poor who ask for food
    3. You know you can deliver
  1. Stewardship – God gives us opportunities, abilities, resources & relationships to do His will
    1. Time (opportunities)

i. Make time for God and to be with God

ii. Let God teach you how to measure every situation by eternity

iii. Use every circumstance to build the Kingdom of God

    1. Abilities

i. Accept your responsibility to develop your God-given gift

ii. Use your talents to build His Kingdom

    1. Resources

i. Acknowledge that God owns it all

ii. Invest your resources in godly investments

    1. Relationships

i. Look at others through the eyes of Jesus

ii. Invest yourself in building relationships

  1. Integrity – blameless with no compromise to worldly ways

5 Steps to TOUCH@workplace

  1. Pray
  2. See the needs
  3. See the workforce – the 4 soils
  4. Use your resources (email, screen savers, bulletin boards etc)
  5. Take your stand
    1. Assemble
    2. Establish a regular meeting
    3. Develop a written plan (mission, program, review)
    4. Act on your plan

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