Saturday, November 22, 2014

Believe, Obey, Pray - Key to the Unstoppable

Unstoppable life of faith is possible as we believe, obey and pray.
This 3-step key can be illustrated with the picture of the train engine on a track.

The train engine is analogous to believing (trusting) in God and His ability and power. We cannot on our own strength do anything great without His help. Like a engine-less train, we cannot move in unstoppable faith without His enabling. We need to continue believing and trusting even when we do not see (yet) in the natural what we ask for.

The track is analogous to obedience to God and His plan. When the train remains on the track and move along it, the train will be able to reach its destination. Hence we too, when we obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to achieve what God has purposed for us to accomplish.

Prayer is analogous to the oil that is necessary to lubricate the wheels of the train as it moves along the track. Without prayer, which is the most important part of any ministry or service for God, we move in God with much difficulty even when we believe and obey. For in prayer, we 'oil' our service, bringing all our petitions to Him who in return gives us peace, joy and love in the midst of all our work. Then like the well-oiled train, we move in unstoppable faith with a burden that is light and a yoke that is easy.

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