Wednesday, June 18, 2014

'Smooth and Rough' Blessings

In this life, we often want everything to go smoothly and we pray for blessings from the Lord to make all things work according to our plans. Yet there are times when it seems everything is falling apart and it is a rough and bumpy road we travel on.

I learn that God's blessings are for both the 'smooth sailing times' as well as the 'rough seas'.
He never rescinds on His promises and His purposes. He is always there with us whether we experience smooth or rough situations. This is the first and greatest blessing - He is ever-present (His omnipresence).

In the smooth times, we may experience all things are in our favour and all things seem to fit nicely. We rejoice as we see God answering our prayers and see His omnipotent power at work.

But in the rough times, we tend to forget and start to question why our prayers seem to go no where. We realise often after reflecting when the rough time has passed, that He knows all things (His omniscience) and what we think was a loss was actually working out for our good according to His plans.

So the test comes - will we continue to trust and rejoice in the rough times just like the smooth times or do we start to grumble, criticise and forget He is there?

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