Friday, October 18, 2013

My Story 9

Discipleship and discipling both go hand in hand. Being a disciple continues on to being a discipler (or disciple-maker). You cannot have one without the other. If we are truly disciples of the Lord then we must take the discipling of disciples, who in turn will disciple others, seriously.
My own journey in growing in discipleship and in discipling others began after a year of coming to the Lord. My motivation and conviction was the realisation that a new believer is like a new-born baby who needs to be followed up in spiritual matters. So starting from my student days in university, I have decided that discipling and helping new believers grow is my top priority in ministry. With my first individual follow-up to small group discipling, I have found the joy of seeing these new believers grow, and more so when they in turn help others to grow.
I am still praying regularly for these disciples of mine over the past 33 years. Are all walking faithfully in the Lord? Some are not as far as I know. It would have been wonderful to see all of them faithfully reproducing in the Lord more disciples who will disciple others. But for various reasons, like the 4 types of hearts mentioned in Mark 4:3-8; only those whose hearts are like good soil will they produce a harvest. Nevertheless, I pray that ALL will return to the Lord and have their hearts transformed for a bountiful harvest.
My disciples come from various races and nationalities: British Caucasian, Filipino and Chinese from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia. I have discipled in England, Malaysia and Singapore. Some are serving in full-time ministries with churches while others serve in their church as volunteers. Those who are on fire for God have reproduced themselves many times in disciples who are now discipling others. This is the legacy that I am glad to be part of.
Currently in my church which has adopted the G12 vision and strategy of discipling, multiplication and governing, my wife and I are involved in an open cell that we pray will grow to become a G12 cell with 12 men and women who are in turn discipling others.
The Lord says only 2 things will last - His Word and people who will call Him their God. I am glad I am giving my life to bring His Word into the lives of His people to see them do the same for many others.
What about you, dear reader? What are you giving your life to?

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