Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Abundant & Eternal Life

All of us who trusted by faith in our Lord Jesus have eternal life when we were born again through the Holy Spirit. This gift is ours forever made possible to us unconditionally because of our faith in Jesus.
But in John 10:10, the Lord said that He came to give us life and life to the full (more abundantly). The Greek word for full/abundant is "perissos" which means superabundant, extraordinary, something further or more. The word abundant is often used in connection to grace in the New Testament. Hence we can receive abundant grace daily as we walk in faith and obedience to Jesus.
When do we need abundant grace? Is it not when we desire to be more like Jesus in our character and in our service?
We don't need much grace if we are self-sufficient having received eternal life and now just need to cruise along till our home-going. But is this the life we are to live? Has not our Lord called us to be disciples who make disciples who in turn will make disciples?
Being a disciple and making disciple-makers need all the superabundant grace that the Lord offers each day.
We cannot store up the grace so that we can use it another day. The Lord gives it to us one day at a time, more than sufficient for all we have to face.
Let us live this superabundant life of discipleship for it is a blessing like no other.
We have the gift of eternal life, let us also ask and receive the blessing of abundant life as we walk in willing obedience to His calling and commission to make disciples of all nations.

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