Monday, October 8, 2012

My Story 3

Encountering God through Jesus Christ and being born again as I trust Him led me to being baptised in the Holy Spirit. These wonderful experiences showed me how much God loves each human being He created. 
But we all know we have an enemy that hates everything that God has created. This enemy is all out to steal, kill and destroy all of God's creation primarily His highest creation - mankind.
I personally realised and experienced how much God's protection all of us need and how He has kindly provided angels to care for us. 
Shortly after my conversion and baptism in the Spirit, I went to England for further studies. It was there that I experienced much spiritual growth as I participated in the christian fellowship learning to lead worship and being discipled by older disciples. During the summer vacations, instead of travelling for leisure, I joined various mission organisations for short term missions. With United Beach Missions, I got to travel in various parts of England and Wales to reach the summer vacationers with the gospel. Through Operation Mobilisation, I was able to reach out to various ethnic groups in England and Ireland. It was a great time of learning to live and work with people of many nations all sharing only one common thing - our faith in Christ. With all these experiences, I was willing to go into full-time missionary service. 
All these were not unnoticed by the enemy of our souls. In the fourth and final year of course of study, I was cycling quite often as I was loaned a bicycle so that I could get around quicker. One winter's day about 4 pm in the evening (it was getting dark), I cycled as usual towards my place of residence. It was a road that went downhill so I had to be extra careful that I did not miss my right turn just before the end of the road. I did my normal routine of slowing down and putting my right hand out to signal my intention to turn right. But the next moment I found myself in the A&E room of the general hospital!
It was later that I found out what transpired: a car hit me from behind as I was about to turn. The collision completely squashed the back wheel of the bicycle. The impact made me fall off and left me concussed (it was good that I had my helmet on which was required by law from every cyclist). I woke up in hospital with stitches on my scalp and a minor fracture on my right fibula (which was not detected until a week later!). I spent a night in hospital for observation and was discharged the next day. The following day I walked to my classes (no more bicycle!) but with a limp. The dull pain in my right leg did not clear up for a week so I went back to the hospital for a check. They did an X-ray and found the minor fracture! Fancy that - walking about 2 km everyday with a minor fracture. I came walking into the hospital and left in a car (thanks to a dear friend who had one) with my right leg in a cast!
Looking back, I realised that I could have died in that accident. But all I had was a few stitches and a minor fracture. It was truly a miracle! I believed God sent His angels to protect me that day. When I was hit, I could have been thrown face forward and received more injuries but all I felt was a strange peace and warmness. The enemy lost that day. 
So dear reader, treat each day you are given as a gift for it could be your last. Live it well for the glory of God. Know that we need not be afraid of our enemy for He that is in us is greater than he in the world. Our Father God will protect us and keep us till He comes or calls.

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