Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Delight of Discipline

There are 12 judges in the book of Judges
A OT judge is someone who brings people into a right relationship with God. Each judge is a picture of Jesus' deliverance ministry (the enemies then, are all enemies that are within us now)

The judge Shamgar (Judges 3:31) used an oxgoad to defeat the Philistines
(Philistines were iron makers who strove with Israel since the time of Isaac that is at the wells of strive and oppression - they depict the soulish emotions of the flesh)
An oxgoad is a farming instrument of discipline for the ox to keep it in line

2 Sources of Discipline
1. God's discipline (receive it) - pain brings obedience.
Holiness now, happiness later Heb 12:5ff

2. Self-discipline (reign over ourselves)
To have self-discipline is to get the grip of (take hold of) oneself

The bridge between potential and performance is discipline

How to have self-discipline
1. Be a Word-driven person (not driven by emotions)
Obey then feel good
Buffet the body not buffet it
Have mind over mattress
Practice makes permanent

2. Build a house of excellence (be the best you can be)

discipline -> decision -> desire
(Discipline helps us to make right decisions that will lead us to have right desires)

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