Thursday, April 17, 2008

Light in the Bible

Light (noun) is phos (Greek) from which we have the word phosphorus - which means 'light bearing'

Light is useless when the eye is absent or impaired

We are sons of light (Luke 16:8) because of the new birth as we have received the spiritual capacity for God's revelation

Light used to describe
1) glory of God's dwelling place (1Tim 6:16)
2) nature of God (1 John 1:5)
3) impartiality of God (unchanging nature - James 1:17)
4) the favour of God (Ps 4:6)
5) God as the illuminator (Is 60:19,20)
Jesus as the illuminator John 1:4-5,9
6) illuminating power of the scriptures (Ps 119:105)
7) guidance of God (John 29:3)
8) salvation (1Pet 2:9)
9) righteousness (Rom 13:12)
10) witness for God (Matt 5:14,16)
11) prosperity/well-being (Is 58:8-10)

phoster (Phil 2:14-15) means 'light-giver'
light enters the eye - we need to look to Jesus as our master with singlemindedness of the eye which acts as the lamp of the body

urim and thummin ('lights' and 'perfections')
- for perfect guidance from God

lampo (candle-light) in Matt 5:15

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