Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Healings on the Sabbath

In the gospels, Jesus healed on the Sabbath. There are 7 records of this to show that God cares for all who need His touch even on the rest day where He willingly healed all who came to Him.
1. Deliverance of a man possessed with a demon (Mk 1:21-28)
2. Healing of Peter's mother-in-law (Mk 1:29-31)
3. Healing of the lame man by the Pool of Bethesda ( Jn 5:1-18)
4. Healing of the man with a shriveled hand (Mk 3:1-6)
5. Healing of a crippled woman (Lk 13:10-17)
6. Healing of a man with dropsy (abnormal accumulation of fluids) (Lk 14:1-6)
7. Healing of a man born blind (Jn 9:1-16)
Remember that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath! Complete rest and healing is ours if we commune with and trust in the Lord, especially on the Sabbath day.


Barbara L.O.U.I.S. said...

Do you worship on the Sabbath Day?

Blessed Grateful Victor said...

Worship is communing with God.
The Sabbath Day was designed for such kind of communion with God through Jesus by the Holy Spirit